Islam Karimov Foundation

Scholarships for postgraduate studies abroad

Scholarships for postgraduate studies abroad

The Karimov Foundation is proud to announce the launch of its 2019 scholarship programme, which will provide young people from Uzbekistan with the opportunity to pursue their postgraduate studies at leading universities in Europe.


The scholarships are offered in the following fields:

  • Renewable energy;
  • Chemistry and chemical engineering;
  • Water and land resource management;
  • Mechanical engineering;
  • Architecture. Construction of buildings and structures;
  • Design and construction of roads, bridges, tunnels, overpasses and airfields;
  • Technology and equipment of the textile industry;
  • Tourism and travel services management;
  • Information and public relations.


Applicants should be citizens of Uzbekistan aged under 35 and should be graduates (or in their final undergraduate year) of universities in Uzbekistan or overseas. They should be fluent in English, French or German, and meet the language competency requirements of overseas institutions. They should also demonstrate academic excellence in their chosen field of study.

The Foundation will provide up to two years’ full funding for tuition fees and living costs for scholarship holders abroad.

For further details about the application process please visit the following sources:

Himoyalangan: Каримов Фонди хориж олийгоҳларида таҳсил олиш учун янги грантлар танловини эълон қилади


The Karimov Foundation is a charitable organization founded in October 2016 by Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva and Tatyana Karimova in memory of the first president and founder of the independent Republic of Uzbekistan. One of the key goals of the Foundation is to provide access to educational opportunities for young people from Uzbekistan through merit-based scholarships awarded in various academic disciplines and fields of study. The scholarships enable talented students to pursue their education at some of the best universities in Europe.

Under the Foundation’s 2017, 2018, and 2019 scholarship programmes, a total of 32 young people from Uzbekistan have been provided with two-year scholarships and are now studying for their master’s degree at some of the leading universities in Germany, Italy, France, Russia, Poland and Switzerland.


In January 2017, the Foundation announced the start of selection process for scholarships for master’s degree programmes which provide young people from Uzbekistan with the opportunity to pursue their education at some of the best universities in Europe. The scholarships were offered for the following fields of study: natural sciences (renewable energy and chemistry); water and land resources management; mechanical engineering; food technology, food safety, food production and marketing; architecture, industrial and architectural design, fine arts. 300 applicants took part in the competition and consequently 12 people received fully funded scholarship from the Karimov Foundation and got the opportunity to continue their education at a number of the best foreign universities such as the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, Duisburg Essen University, Ruhr University, Freiburg University (Germany), Moscow Architectural Institute School, Turin Polytechnic University (Italy).

The second competition of educational grants of the Karimov Foundation was announced in October 2017 to study under the master’s program in higher educational institutions of Europe and the number of applications for participation in this competition reached 320 that was sent from 39 various higher educational institutions. Upon completion of the competition, top 10 were selected from the highly competitive pool of candidates to receive fully funded scholarship. The competition was held in 13 priority specialties: renewable energy sources; chemistry; water and land management; engineering technologies; food technology; food safety; production of products and their marketing; urban planning, protection and restoration of architectural monuments; product design; architectural design; industrial design; painting.

The third selection process of the Foundation was announced in November and was carried out for the following field of studies: renewable energy; chemistry and chemical engineering; water and land resource management; mechanical engineering; architecture, construction of buildings and structures; design and construction of roads, bridges, tunnels, overpasses and airfields; technology and equipment of the textile industry; tourism and travel services management; communication and public relations, journalism. Ten the best applicants out of 200 applicants passed all given examinations and became scholarship holders to study at one of the best European universities in Europe such as Freiburg University, Technical University Braunschweig, Jena University of Applied Sciences, Ruhr University Bochum, University of Applied Sciences Media, Communication and Business (Germany), University of Grenoble (France), University of Wroclaw (Poland), University of Geneva (Switzerland).