Islam Karimov Foundation

Sherzod Shermatov, Uzbekistan’s Deputy Minister of Innovational Development, is a former scholar of the Umid foundation, which was set up by President Islam Karimov in the late 1990s

Thanks to the Umid scholarship, Mr. Shermatov studied for his Master’s degree at Yale University in the USA from 1998−2000.

Following his graduation, he pursued a successful career in government and rose through the ranks, becoming Rector of Inha University in Tashkent and Uzbekistan’s acting minister of IT and Communications.

“The Umid foundation, was a project spearheaded by Uzbekistan’s first president, and its scholarships enabled young people from ordinary Uzbek families to pursue their education in foreign universities,” said Mr. Shermatov in an interview with the Karimov Foundation. “At present, Umid scholars work in government bodies, the private sector, foreign and international organizations, and are contributing towards Uzbekistan’s progress and development. History has shown that it was a very successful venture and it should be continued. It is commendable that this work is now being continued by the Karimov Foundation,” Mr. Shermatov went on to say.

From 1997-2002, Umid scholarships enabled over 800 young people from Uzbekistan to study at universities in the UK, Germany, Italy, Canada, the USA, France and Japan.