Islam Karimov Foundation


The provision of scholarships to develop and support education, research and culture in Uzbekistan is a priority field of activity for the Islam Karimov Foundation. In relation to educational scholarships, the Foundation performs a full range of work on the selection of recipients of scholarships to study at higher-education establishments at home and abroad. Scholarships are also issued to support research activity, in the interests of developing home-grown research in Uzbekistan.

In January 2017 the Foundation announced the start of selection process for scholarships for master’s degree programmes which will provide young people from Uzbekistan with the opportunity to pursue their education at some of the best universities in Europe and the USA. The scholarships are offered in the following fields: natural sciences (renewable energy and chemistry); water and land resources management; mechanical engineering; food technology, food safety, food production and marketing; architecture, industrial and architectural design, fine arts.

A total of about 300 applicants participated in the selection process. In May 2017, 12 winners were announced.

In addition, the Foundation guarantees the conditions for the scholarship recipients to pursue their studies and monitors their progress, as well as maintaining constant contact and providing comprehensive support.

  • Also, as part of its activity to support and disseminate Uzbekistan’s rich cultural heritage, the Foundation offers grants to translate cultural, educational and academic materials and Uzbek classics into foreign languages for subsequent publication.
  • The Foundation provides assistance and allocates grants to make films and videos devoted to the varied activities of Islam Karimov and demonstrating the country’s rich cultural and historical heritage and contemporary achievements in culture, the arts, research, education and support for small and medium-sized enterprises.
  • The Foundation allocates separate grants to organize research and educational events both in Uzbekistan and abroad, including research and development projects. Particular attention is paid to talented children and young people who need development for their creative potential, as well as to the development of crafts handed down from generation to generation that form an inalienable part of the Uzbek people’s cultural heritage. This includes the allocation of grants to support projects relating to the making of national handicrafts and to agricultural production and irrigation.