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 “Uzbekistan: An Experience of Cultural Treasures to Colour” (“Ouzbékistan: Des trésors culturels à colorier”) is an exquisite colouring book which introduces the reader to the fascinating and vibrant cultural heritage of the people of Uzbekistan.

Published by the Karimov Foundation in collaboration with Nouveau Monde Editions (France) and Pen & Sword Books (UK), the book comprises images of mesmerizingly beautiful historic monuments, captivating mosaics with their complex geometrical patterns and motifs, vivid pallets of ceramics, tapestries, ornamented textiles, and works by modern and ancient artists. 

The images are accompanied by short texts explaining the historical significance of the country’s cultural treasures. On the right-hand pages, the reader is given the opportunity to colour in their own drawings based on the beautiful photographs provided.

Serving as a gateway to discovering and exploring Uzbekistan’s cultural and artistic legacy, this edition has become another gem in the collection of books published by the Karimov Foundation.
Publishing, with a primary focus on works exploring Uzbekistan’s traditions, arts, literature and the intellectual achievements of the Uzbek people, is one of the priority areas of the Karimov Foundation’s work. Over the past three years, the Foundation has accomplished 11 publishing projects.